An ever-evolving UX & Service Design toolbox to face any challenge

An approach is never one-size fits all, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be structured

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The pitch

Based out of Italy, I employ user centered and service design, quantitative analysis and business anthropology to translate findings into knowledge, journeys, wireframes, prototypes & UI mockups, bringing solutions to life and creating value for users, clients and teammates

The 4 pillars of my work


Anthro-systems thinking

I combine culture-based inquiry with user centered and service design for a holistic, adaptable workflow focusing on constructing connections and models


Mixed methods analysis

Triangulation by any means possible. Using quantitative & qualitative data in concert we can take assumptions and turn them into tested indications


Valuable outcomes

From personas and wireframes to eco-system maps and reports. Clear and satisfying outcomes with new knowledge for all stakeholders are a top priority


Expanding horizons

Gamification, research ops and speculative design are some recent topics injected in my work. And of course the latest AI and data science tools

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